side view
PUR3 2022
SOLD Rewaco PUR3
Gran Turismo / TURBO+ 130 KW (177 BHP)
Power shifter on handlebar
Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
Acoustic turn signal warning
Heated seats

Ford trike
Rear view camera
Reverse warning system
Adaptive suspension (front/rear adjustable from comfortable to sporty)
Fuse access
Paint Spotlight-Colour
Main colour: Deep red to black
Rims: Polished 3 part
Tyres: Rear tires 305/30-19" on rim 11" x 19"; front tires 200/50-17" on rim 5,5" x 17"

Ford trike

Adjustable footrests for passenger in stainless steel
Cruise control
Manoeuvering mirror with blind spot field of view

Ford trike
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